Curie 42 points Durant allowed the trio finals to repeat the warriors'preference for Knights


On December 6, Beijing Time, the Finals were repeated. The Warriors beat the Cavaliers 129-105 away.

The Warriors (17-9) won two consecutive victories. Stephen Cooley scored 42 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists in 14-9 shots. Kevin Durant almost tripled, scored 25 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, and Cray Thompson scored 16 points.

Cavaliers (5-19) rookie Colin Sexton scored 21 points, Cheddy Osman 16 points, Rodney Hood 15 points, Tristan Thompson 14 points and 19 rebounds.

Although it is a repeat of the Finals, it is not the same as before. Without LeBron James, the Cavaliers are no longer Championship teams. They are bottom in the East. It is impossible for them to reach the Finals this year.

The Warriors have maintained their core lineup. Curie has come back and defeated the Eagles in the last game. The last time I went to Cleveland, it was Game 4 of the Finals. Curie scored 37 points and the Warriors won easily.

Although the Cavaliers were two teams, they won the last game, and the new Bucks dunked 3.2 seconds before the end, beating the Bulls.

After today's opening, the Cavaliers also won first, Hood successively succeeded, Sexton hit three points, they started with a wave of 12-2. Hood hit two and three points in the attack, scoring nine points in the first two minutes.

The Warriors did not call a pause, and Curie stopped the Knight's attack with a three-point score. At the same time, the warriors strengthened their defense and no longer let them hit easily. Thompson and Durant also shot well, the Warriors quickly overtook, after the first quarter to lead 31-25.

Knights don't have much pressure to play, mainly to train young people. In the second section, they had a wonderful feeling. They started a three-point war with the warriors and did not fall behind. The two sides took the lead alternately several times, and the last minute of this section was a sudden change of wind and cloud. Sexton scored three points with 1:10 seconds left in this section, and the Cavaliers overtook them 56-55. Curie also scored three points, and Ottoman and Sexton shot well one after another. Clarkson jumped up in the air in the last attack of this section. The attack time was approaching, but he suddenly "jilt the pot" and threw the ball to Hood, who jumped up to catch it in the air, then pushed the ball out directly and hit the whistle. The Knight concludes this section with a wave of 13-3, exceeding 64-58.

In the first half, the two teams were very accurate in three points. Of the 10 Cavaliers'20 shots, three scored double. Hood had 15 points. Sexton scored 12 points from three shots.

Warriors shoot 7 of 15 three-point shots, Curie shoots 6 of 9 three-point shots, scoring 25 points, Durant 10 points.

In the first half, the warriors were almost alone in Kuri's performance, Durant had a weak sense of existence. In the third quarter, Durant stepped forward when his staff slipped. With five minutes and 36 seconds left in this section, Sexton scored two penalties and the Cavaliers overtook them 73-71, but this was their last lead. Igodara and Durant returned color one after another. The Warriors hit a wave of 11-0. With 3 minutes and 08 seconds remaining in this section, Durant hit three points, and the Warriors opened the gap in 82-73 seconds. Warriors today's "one wave" is not strong enough, but after this section still leads 95-86.

Warriors in the last section continue to open the gap, lose suspense ahead of time. In the middle of this section, Curie made a three-point shot and foul. He scored four points with a combined penalty. The Warriors led 111-97. After that, he hit three more points, the Warriors expanded their advantage to more than 20 points, and eventually won the game with ease.



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